From Palo Alto...

I love to see on my clustr maps all the visitors that this blog has, I always think...who are they? are they teachers? what do they think about this blog? are they really visiting it on purpose o only surfing around...but there's a visitor from Palo Alto, California that visits us often...thank you very much for stopping by sometimes, we'd love to know more about you...about all of you...please leave a comment! Big hug!



  1. Hi Marta. I have always wondered the same, who is visiting our blogs from different places?. If one day we could get it , it would be wonderful, to know the people that is interested in our projects, and reading us from time to time.

    Good luck and Palo Alto please, if you send us a message we will be very happy.

  2. Hi!I've nominated you for the the LIEBSTER BLOG AWARD. Visit my blog Our English Corner (http://thisisourenglishcorner.wordpress.com/) to accept it.